Beware of viewing this...mature nudity and images of unusual fantasies meant for over 21 years of age viewing Only! This is my second tumblr account...Many know me as Ashlee Chiffon! I have a fondness for all that is feminine and it is a great part of my private life. Though single, I have shared this side of me to great enjoyment with the women in my life in the past and hope to find another to share it with again. The images here are of my fantasy mind and even a few of me en femme. I enjoy Femdom,submission and dominance play,spanking,punishment,dressing,sissy play, etc. ...but many images here are for fantasy viewing only! This blog represents images in the public domain and my personal images and some not meant for work place viewing or by minors.


Nice amateur femdom video showing a tied up husband receiving a strapping.
The wife even applies some bodylotion to his bum before strapping him to achieve some more sting.

(via everythingiwantiswrong2)